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Call for Projects AI for Health (closed)

To facilitate and financially support cross disciplinary collaborations between the four institutions that are geared towards large initiatives in the field of AI for Health, a call for projects has been initiated. The call is intended for activities that can support preparing a larger grant application related to AI for Health in the near future. The grant can also be used for business plan writing, conducting preliminary research to be able to successfully apply for such a grant and for projects aimed at societal added value. For specific applications, see the Terms of Conditions. All forms can be found below.

The proposal must address at least one category of the main themes of AI for Health: Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, Care and at least one cross cutting theme/building block.

Main themes
A1 Healthy and safe food supply chain
A2 Precision/personalized health, nutrition & behaviour
A3 Healthy living environment/smart cities
A4 AI in clinical decision support
A5 Medical imaging

Cross-cutting themes: Building blocks of AI
B1 Ethics & Legal AI, trustworthy AI, explainable AI, human-centered AI
B2 AI methodology and algorithms
B3 Data quality, data measurement error, data biases
B4 AI infrastructure: data sharing, storage, harmonization.

The application amounts to a minimum of 15K and to a maximum of 40K. The total budget for 2021 is around 120K.

Deadline for application was 1 November 2021, 6 PM.