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DECIDE: Data-driven control and prioritisation of non-EU-regulated contagious animal diseases (H2020 project)

DECIDE, a five-year Horizon 2020 project, will develop data-driven decision support tools that offer robust and early signals of disease emergence and options for diagnostic confirmation. Moreover, options will be provided for controlling the disease along with their implications in terms of disease spread, economic burden and animal welfare.
This partnership garners expertise in veterinary epidemiology and diagnostics, data science, mechanistic and predictive modelling, economics, animal welfare and social sciences. The consortium can also count on ample access to data from national animal health agencies, providers of veterinary services or farm equipment suppliers. This multidisciplinary consortium brings together 19 partners from 11 European countries.

Alliance institutes involved: UU
PI: Gerdien van Schaik

More information: https://decideproject.eu/