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In the DLMedIA programme novel deep learning technology will be developed that enables successful application to medical image analysis, for specific solutions for personalized and precision medicine.

In five interrelated projects, we will address unique characteristics of medical image data that currently limit the applicability of deep learning: high dimensionality of the data, limited availability of labeled data, and sensitivity to differences in acquisition protocols. The projects are collaborations between five research institutes and eight industrial partners.

Alliance Institutes involved: UMC Utrecht, TU/e

UMC Utrecht: Ivana Isgum, Tim Leiner, Max Viergever
TU/e: Josien Pluim, Mitko Veta

Collaboration partners: Quantib, Cosmonio, Philips Health Care, Thirona, Screen Point Medical, Pie Medical Imaging, Delft Imaging Systems

More information: http://dlmedia.eu/