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Emotions as nudges

Emotions as nudges – Emotional reinforcement for healthy foods: WUR, UU

Central to this project is the design of effective emotional nudges that make the healthy product more attractive (rather than emphasise its healthy features) and can be delivered through the sensory properties of the product itself or through its package. Although it certainly is important to raise awareness and incentivize people towards healthier eating, other approaches relying on intuitive, unconscious processes need to be adopted to make sure strategies also lead to a desired “behavioural change” towards a healthy diet. This project thus will investigate possibilities of emotional nudges to suggest healthier food choices.

Alliance institutes involved: WUR, UU
PI’s: Gerry Jager (Associate Professor at WUR), XXXX (XXXX at UU)
Collaboration partners: Royal Friesland Campina, Unilever

More information: https://www.wur.nl/nl/project/nudgis.htm