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– COmpute VIsits DAta model

COVIDA: COmpute VIsits DAta” model, mental health consortium that transforms clinical data into practical knowledge to improve the care of psychiatric patients, example: Machine Learning Approach to Inpatient Violence Risk Assessment Using Routinely Collected Clinical Notes in Electronic Health Records.

We reuse data to improve the care of psychiatric patients.

Active learning from combined data
Psychiatric disorders are complex and dynamic. We want to better understand why someone develops psychological symptoms and what can help them to recover.
We think that combining different types of data from multiple sources is an important new way to increase knowledge about psychiatric illnesses and treatments. For example, what can we learn if we combine experience stories, care data and physiological data such as heart rate and movement, and examine them in conjunction with each other?

How do we do this?
In COVIDA, various mental healthcare institutions and technical universities work together to develop an applied “big data analytics approach” within the mental healthcare sector. The aim is to directly improve the care for people with a psychiatric disorder.
Each affiliated GGZ institution answers concrete questions from the psychiatric department with the aid of data analysis. The results and the methods used are shared with the other institutions. An analysis carried out or a model developed can then be repeated and possibly improved in another institution. It is important that the care data does not leave the institution, but that the methods and models are exchanged between the institutions.
In this way, we learn from each other’s experiences, exchange best practices, and reinforce each other’s results. Together, we will more quickly acquire new knowledge that can be used in daily practice, and we will learn how best to do this.

Alliance Institutes involved: UMCU, UU, TU/e
PI’s: Floortje Scheepers, Pablo Mosteiro Romero, Uzay Kaymak

Collaboration partners: Gemeente Utrecht, Antes GGZ in Rotterdam, St. Antonius Ziekenhuis, GGZ Eindhoven

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